Born in Toronto, Calum is a graduate of OCADU's Drawing and Painting BFA; he has been honing his skills in various art forms for the past two decades. His work spans across disciplines, from painting to music, sculpture to theatre, storytelling to drawing, allowing each to influence the next. He focuses on subjects such as emotion, dreams and fears, and how these themes are interpreted in the human form. 

Artist Statement                                             

My process is one of both immediacy and introspection. I use drawing and sculpture techniques in this respect. I have tried to take the methodology of acute observation that is applied to life and figure drawing, and focus them on my emotional body and state. Through sculpture however, I am forced into a slower, more multifaceted dialogue with Emotion.  I am looking for the shortest, most accurate  bridge between the living emotional experience and my artistic hand.

Curriculum Vitae

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Shared Eye Collective Group Show


OCAD U - GradEx 103


Earl Selkirk Gallery -ARTiculations Youth Collective At The Junction

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